P & C Association

Noranda Primary School Parents and Citizens Association

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is an organisation of the school community open to parents, teachers and interested citizens. The P&C is dedicated to the promotion of the interests of the school through:

• Increased cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community.
• Assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for schools.
• The fostering of community interest in educational matters.

These activities will lead to the improvement of the facilities and enhance the quality of learning that our children receive.

The P&C also runs the school uniform shop for our families and coordinates the school lunches with the Hampton Park Primary School canteen.

The P&C through its fundraising efforts has supported the school in providing playground upgrades to our equipment, installation of new fitness track stations, school sporting uniforms, funding for access to Mathletics, the purchasing of IT devices and support with school book awards. Volunteering of time and personnel has assisted the school with grounds and building improvements.

The Noranda Primary School Parents and Citizen’s Association (P&C)  meets on a Wednesday evening in weeks three and seven of each term. Meetings start at 7.00pm and all parents are welcome to join the P&C Association.

We welcome new parents to the school to become involved in our P&C association.

P&C President          Celia McCarthy
Vice President           Katie Langeweg (McClutchie)
Secretary                   Natalie Elliot
Treasurer                   Minh Tran

Members   Mailee Martin, Rosie Hatswell, Susan Field and Vladana Selander

Minutes of Meetings

General Meeting 15 February 2023

General Meeting 15 March 2023

General Meeting 10 May 2023

AGM Meeting 2 August 2023

General Meeting 6 September 2023

General Meeting Minutes 19 October 2023.

General Meeting Minutes 30 November 2023

General Meeting Minutes 13 Feb 2024

General Meeting Minutes 13 March 2024

General Meeting Minutes 1 May 2024

General Meeting Minutes 29 May 2024


The school newsletter is published every two weeks to notify our parents and community members about the school programs and activities or upcoming events in the school.

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