School Staff 2022

Administration Staff

Principal- Ms Kristy Harrison
Associate Principal- Mr Rob De Poloni
Associate Principal- Miss Kerry Fullarton
Associate Principal- Mrs Katrina Di Felice (Mon-Wed)
Manager Corporate Services- Mrs Lyn Sarti
School Officer- Mrs Brunetta Rullo
School Officer- Mrs Rose Cottone

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten- Mrs Lily Sawyer, Mrs Helen Nuttall & Miss Kerry Fullarton
Pre- Primary- Mrs Carol Bentall, Mr James Kershaw Kirsten McClymont & Ms Jenny Angell
Pre- Primary- Mrs Alana McGuire & Mrs Jessica Musca
Year 1- Mrs Kerrilee Freese Mr Jake Pevitt & Ms Jennifer Angell
Year 1- Mrs Tracie Doherty
Year 2- Mrs Janina Carter-Dick & Mrs Jessica Musca
Year 2- Miss Laura Vowles
Year 3- Mrs Zarina Sallie
Year 3- Mr Peter Greaves & Mrs Emma Hickert
Year 4- Mrs Nicette Cohen & Mrs Kathryn Noble
Year 4/5- Ms Sallie Sampson
Year 5- Mrs Robin Boardman
Year 6- Mrs Kylie Bateson
Year 6- Miss Evelyn Roberts


Music- Ms Rachel Nicholls
Physical Education- Mr Chad Barns
Science- Miss Awaz Sofi
LOTE- Mrs Jessie He
EALD- Ms Alix Williams

Education Assistants

Mrs Joanne Randall
Mrs Leigh Williams
Mrs Nimmisha Hirani
Mrs Brenda Pegrum
Mrs Jacqui Francis
Mrs Tracy Goodbun
Mrs Tracey Sheinerman
Mrs Amanda Hendry
Mrs Sharoyn Norvall
Mrs Kylie Whittle
Ms Jessica Bentley

Non- Teaching Staff

School Psychologist- Gita Dastyar
School Chaplain-
Cleaner IC- Jantana Nalder
Cleaner- Sedina Omerhodzic
Cleaner- Debbie Charles
Cleaner- Nurida Mrkaljevic
Gardener- Gavin Bosworth


The school newsletter is published every two weeks to notify our parents and community members about the school programs and activities or upcoming events in the school.

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