Room 11

Room 11- Year 2

Welcome to Room 11 Year 2 for 2021. After a topsy turvy start to the term, (thanks to our friend Covid 19), the children have settled in well to their new class routines. A class favourite is secret student, where one child is chosen secretly at random by Mrs Bateson at the beginning of the day. If at the end of the day the secret student has been following all the class rules and setting a great example for the rest of the class, they receive a prize and the whole class gets a marble in the class jar. Once our jar is full we get a whole class fun experience! The students are great at reminding each other to be on task as no one knows who the secret student is until the end of the day. They are doing so well we have almost filled our jar already!

So far this term, the students have been enjoying a very hands on approach to maths learning. Their favourite activities are Number hunts. These involve the children searching around the room for hidden sums. They then have to solve the sums on their recording sheet.  They love working collaboratively to first find the sums and then solve them using a range of strategies.

Room 11


Mrs Bateson


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