Room 14

Room 14- Pre- Primary

Room 14 staff is committed to providing children with a stimulating environment and programs that aim to extend students socially, emotionally and academically. They also value inclusivity in a supportive atmosphere.

Play based learning is emphasised with varied outside and inside resources to cater for different interests and learning styles. Role play areas are set up to develop a variety of social, academic and manipulative skills. This term we have started with a class-room café and children are encouraged to dress-up, record and manipulate to simulate a restaurant atmosphere. We also have a variety of puzzles, games and equipment that are play based and play a crucial part in improving children’s critical thinking.


Technology is valued which is evident with computer use and bee-bot fun part of the curriculum.  Problem-solving is encouraged through construction based activities such as our building bridge activity.

Language experience and sensory based learning is also employed to introduce and extend skills and knowledge. Cooking is one of the many activities enjoyed by children and used as a tool for learning. Art and craft activities are also valued this way.


Science is emphasised and our study of weather leads itself to interactive activities and experiments. Our weather hats were made by the children to aid with observing and recording daily weather in an engaging manner.

Being a child in Rom 14 is a fun and educational experience where a sense of belonging is emphasised!


Mrs Freese and Mrs De Vattimo


The school newsletter is published every two weeks to notify our parents and community members about the school programs and activities or upcoming events in the school.

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