Room 14

Pre- Primary

We have been very busy in Pre-primary this year. We have engaged in many fun ways to develop our creativity such as painting, play dough, Lego, and small world building. We also have been learning about 3 dimensional shapes in Maths and made lovely cone-shaped party hats.

During Design and Technology, the cheeky Gingerbread Men that we baked, ran away! We had to read a letter from him explaining his likes and dislikes and make a trap to catch him. Students were very involved in this process finding little clues he would leave all over the playground in the weeks leading up to his capture.

We welcomed a family of snails into our Science program and students fed, watered and observed them during their visit. The thriving community was well looked after by our Pre-Primary students, and we even observed snail eggs and babies arriving.

We had a visit from the UWA medical students who ran a Teddy Bear Hospital incursion. We all had a chance to take our sick teddies to the doctor and decided that doctor visits weren’t so scary after all!

Mrs Nesbitt and Mrs Musca



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