Room 14

Room 14- Pre- Primary

The Pre-Primary children in Room 14 have had a busy term immersing themselves in our book study units. Book studies enable students to build strong oral language and retell skills and studies have shown that a child’s oral language ability has a direct impact on their future ability to create written narratives.

The books we have covered this term are- The Little Red Hen, Mr McGee Goes to Sea and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Children have participated in lots of engaging experiential learning to help build knowledge of narrative structure as well as vocabulary skills. During each unit, children worked on sequencing and retelling activities to increase their understanding around narrative structure. The progress and growth exhibited by all students has been fantastic to see and hear!

We look forward to introducing my students to many more amazing books and stories for the remainder of the year.

Mrs McGuire and Mrs Musca



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