Room 6

Room 6- Year 4

Marble Run

In our Design and Technology lessons, students worked collaboratively or individually to plan, create and communicate ideas and information to design a marble run with reusable resources. They used their knowledge of engineering principles in relation to forces and properties of materials to design, build and evaluate their marble runs, and modify designs if necessary.

Visit to Scitech

We joined Room 4 and 5 on an excursion to Scitech. We saw an out of this world show in the Planetarium called We Are Stars where we learnt about what we are made of and how the universe began. We entered the Top Secret world of spying and espionage as detectives to discover how to solve a crime by looking for hidden clues using all our senses. We joined Scitech’s science presenters at a show, Explore Under Pressure, to investigate, ask questions, make predictions and test our ideas to understand some of the more surprising and unusual effects that pressure has on the world around us.  

Mrs Cohen and Mrs Noble


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