Room 8

Room 8- Year 3

This term, Room 8 has been learning all about melting during our science lessons. We made a snowman and watched it melt throughout the day.  As good scientists, we kept our diagrams clear and used scientific language in our observations.  Next we had to guess what the mystery melted objects were.  We have discovered that heat makes lots of objects melt.

room 8 melt

We also enjoyed the celebration of entering our brand new library for the first time.  What an amazing change!  Mrs Traber has been reading the new books to us but stopping just before the end of the story.  This has encouraged our prediction skills and now many more children are using the library at lunch to find out what really happened.

The colour run was enjoyed by all.  A great way to keep fit and raise money at the same time.  The children looked like rainbows by the time they were finished.

In Health, we are learning how to keep our self safe.  We are looking at early warning signs and how our body tells us if we are feeling comfortable or uncomfortable.  Our emotions help us to recognise those feelings.

A story board is being made in Technology.  Every child is conducting an experiment to answer this question, “How do you stop an ice block from melting?”  The children have been learning about insulators and how to conduct an experiment fairly.

Writing see us learning how to write procedures for making recipes, conducting experiments or writing instructions.  The children are learning to follow the correct format, write in steps and use lots of action verbs so commands can be followed correctly.

Mrs Traber & Mrs Pirga


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