Room 13

Room 13- Pre-Primary

Vegetable gardens

With the cooler weather this term we dug over our vegetable gardens with compost from our compost bin and planted some new seeds and seedlings.

You Can Do It

We are implementing a program called “You Can Do It” program across the school to teach children the skills of getting along with others, confidence, resilience, persistence and organisation. In our classroom, we worked together to make a beautiful mural for our wall. It helped us to learn how to get along with others.


Police Visit

This term we are learning about people in the community and have had members from the Ballajura Police Station come and visit us. We enjoyed listening to them and seeing their equipment that they use. The best part was climbing in and out of their cars, switching the siren on, making the lights flash and talking on the radio!

Hospital Visit

We had a teacher from the Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital come to talk to us about going to hospital. She showed us some of the equipment that they use in hospitals and also a video. The best part was when we were able to learn how to use crutches and wheelchairs; dress up as doctors to work on a mock patient; and to listen to our heartbeats using a stethoscope.

Fireman Visit

We had the fire fighters from Malaga Fire Station visit us in their fire engines. We climbed into the fire engine, looked at all the equipment and sprayed the grass with the fire hose.

Mrs Nesbitt


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