Room 14

Room 14- Pre- Primary

In Room 14, we are learning about people who help us. We had a visit from the police officers from the Ballajura Police Station. They spoke about what they do and how they can help us. We had fun sitting in the police car and switching the siren button on and off.

We also had a visit from Mrs Lawrence from the Association for the Welfare for Children in Hospital to tell us all about what it’s like to be in hospital. We dressed up as doctors and nurses and used a stethoscope to listen to the patient’s heart. We also used a wheelchair and crutches to help us walk.

The firemen from Malaga fire station drove onto the oval to show us their trucks and told us all about their equipment and how they put out fires. We squirted water from the firehose and made rainbows. We climbed up the big steps into the cab of the fire engine, walked through and came out the other door. It was really high!

During recess and lunch times, we love using the hammer and nails on the workbench to create wooden designs.

Mrs Freese and Mrs Cohen


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