Room 10

Room 10- Year 1

Room 10 has been investigating money during our maths lessons this term. We watched a You Tube clip about how money is made at the Australian Mint. We were amazed to find out that the coins start off as blanks before they are lifted by a robot called,”Titan,” into the stamping machine.

We knew that Australian currency has animals and the Queen on it so we used the iPads to research an animal for our coin and discovered some neat,” how to draw,” tutorials which helped us draw some excellent animals.

Next, we moulded our play dough in to the coin we wanted using a scratching tool to enhance the detail. We saw the designers and sculptors in the Mint do this into large wax moulds.

Then we practised sketching our design on to a coin, added a rim and a date stamp.

Once we were happy with our designs we started our final copy. And who better to be head of State than us! We are on the reverse of our coins!

Mrs Doherty



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