Year One

Students listened to a reading of the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Responses were elicited from children regarding characters and dynamic contrasts you may expect if the goats had music attached to their character.  Students explored the timbre and dynamics of non-tuned percussion instruments, made selections and wrote music for each of the Billy Goats.


Year Two

As part of NAIDOC week students listened to a recording of ‘Concerto for Didgeridoo: Water’ by Sean O’Boyle and were asked to indicate the tempo and dynamics (including identifying any changes to these elements).

Year Three

As part of NAIDOC week students were asked to complete a rewrite of Justine Clarke’s song ‘The Gumtree Family’ in small groups.  Their rewrite needed to include an animal found in the Noranda bushland, and to use the Noongar translation of that animal.  Students then performed their song to the class integrating various classroom percussion instruments.

Year Four

As part of NAIDOC week students listened to a recording of ‘Concerto for Didgeridoo: Water’ by Sean O’Boyle and recorded information about the elements of music and how these elements were combined to create mood and context.  Following this, students used this information to write a short paragraph or two reflecting what could be happening if the music was telling a story.

Year Five

Students in Year Five have been playing arrangements for a variety of songs.  Playing their part accurately and in time with others has been the focus.  Arrangements include simple melodic and percussion riffs as well as harmony.  Students were asked to write a simple melodic riff one bar in length relating to the theme of a ‘Hot Summer Night’.  Their riff was then played as part of a class arrangement of the song ‘Hot Summer Night’.

Year 6

Students in Year Six have been making excellent progress on the ukulele and now know a range of common chords.  They have been learning about how chords are constructed including major, minor and 7th chords.  Students were asked to construct and then play their chords on the ukulele.  Since then, students have been learning the structure of the 12 bar blues and playing this on the ukulele.


On August 30th the school choir participated in One Big Voice at the RAC Arena.  This was an incredible experience performing alongside thousands of other primary school students!


Ms Nicholls


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